YOUth POWER is back with the coolest, most interactive, and most “lit” (as the youth might say) job, career and education event in the market.  Captivating youth aged 14-25 since the inaugural event 7 year ago, we’ve proudly helped inject thousands of youth into jobs available on the spot, while providing information in an engaging manner to help guide them onto a career path, and spark their hustle.

Join the YOUth POWER movement that is creatively helping youth from all walks of life. Find your career path, access highly valuable job, career and education information, and develop your work force ammunition to shape the job and career market as we will know it for years to come.

The concert and program kicks off the event at 1 PM with Hypnotist Wayne Lee helping you "Set Your Career GPS for Success" and live performance by Paul Woida. Here are some event highlights!

  • FREE event for all
  • Hosted by CTV's Josh Classen
  • Live concert and Keynote with Wayne Lee starts at 1 PM
  • Hypnotist Wayne Lee Keynote - “Set Your GPS for Career Success”
  • Live musical performance by Paul Woida
  • Face to face connection with over 50 interactive exhibitors onsite
  • Hundreds of jobs available on the spot
  • Ready to WORK Wear – Youth get dressed and styled for success for free!
  • Career corner – Breakout presentations on topics like resume writing and networking
  • Lots of prize give-aways including iPads and iPods
  • Free photo booth with That Just Happened Inc.



Edmonton EXPO Centre
7515 - 118 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
T5B 4X5

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

In Partnership with Government of
Alberta and PlanIt Sound Inc.


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Also proudly sponsored in part by: